I’m writing this to share a moment of great happiness for me to announce the successful completion of my studies. After four years of dedication and hard work, I am honored to secure the 2nd Position in my graduating class with a noteworthy CGPA of 3.57 out of 4.

This journey was not easy at all; I came across many things I never expected. I learned many lifelong lessons to never forget. Other than that, it required constant effort every day, like making study notes, completing assignments on time, and preparing for class tests, and so on. Because of those continuous efforts, I never felt stressed during any of my exams in all those semesters.

I remember that was one of the best moments of my life when I secured the 1st position in the 4th semester of my studies with a 3.78 GPA out of 4. Continuing that streak, I achieved the 1st position once again in the 5th Semester with a 3.97 GPA out of 4. Hard work pays off, and the moment when you see the result of your efforts is the best thing ever.

Yes, It’s been quite a long journey for me, filled with valuable lessons and numerous challenges that have contributed to significant personal growth. Today marks one of the happiest days for me as I have successfully completed the first step of my long-term plans.

I’m happy and really excited for the next chapter of my life. Looking forward to a beautiful journey ahead.

For those interested, I’m attaching the officially announced result here. Look for 19TL41, Yes, that’s me!

And, Here is the screenshot of the List of Position Holders;